Why did you contact me?

  • Our research indicates that you are owed a substantial sum of money.

Who is Globex

  • Globex Financial Systems, Inc. assists clients in the recovery of lost assets and then returns 90% of that property to its rightful owners.

What is normally returned?

  • Typically, it is cash payments and/or stock. The specifics for each client are clearly presented after the client agreement is signed.

What do I need to do?

  • In most cases all that is needed is proof of address and identification. Rarely, additional information may be required. For details concerning our privacy practices, please select Privacy from the menu items listed above.

How did YOU find MY property

  • Globex searches hundreds of databases around the United States. As people or companies move, change names, or merge, some payments are bound to be lost. It is our mission to help YOU recover these losses.